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Welcome to my website! Here’s a little bit about me.

One of the many challenges that I faced in first year of general Engineering alongside the coursework was deciding which stream to pursue. I enjoyed learning about both software development and computer engineering equally that I chose Mechatronics Engineering, a multidisciplinary program that encompassed both fields. That curiosity for all things tech has continued throughout university and into my current position as a Software Developer for the Department of National Defence.

At National Defence, I contributed to the mission of defending Canadian IT networks with a focus on developing secure solutions. My curiosity naturally shifted towards cybersecurity as I was fully immersed in it as a product of my environment. I pursued this curiosity by practising hacking intentionally vulnerable machines on Try Hack Me and Hack the Box. Since then, I have attained my first two certifications in Infosec: junior penetration tester certification from eLearnSecurity and the challenging GPEN certification from GIAC.

My curiosities have led to experience in multiple areas of IT that be brought together to provide a unique perspective. I hope to expand on my infosec skillset through my professional career and personal development and leveraging that knowledge into developing secure products.

This website will serve to document my journey traversing this complicated field of cybersecurity and technology. I will post about interesting things I have learned about, certifications or courses I have taken, writeups for CTF’s, and just general musings about anything that piques my interest.